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. hurricanes.megan gilliland is the worst... yet agaii. 3 3 bbg-e is callinggin reenforcements... b-g-e is calling in b-g-e s calling in reinforcements... in anticipption of an estimated one million outages. outages. joel d. smith is at b-g-ees staging area at m&t bank stadium... where many of thooe extra rews are morning joel d.he worst.good - 3 when the pooer goes oott.. you can still keep up tt date on streaming ourrnewscasts to he web and o mmbile devices. download the fox45 mobile app by searching forr"wbff" n your app store. 3 ((break 1)))- ((toss tooemmly)) 3 ((toss to emily)) 3 ((toss to emily)) 3 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map--computer---40-- liberty--shawan--map map--computer---40-- map--computer----00- liberty--shawan--map 3 33 3 ((break 2)) ,3 the wrath f hurricane sandy is continuing to pounddthe officials in the outer banks are reporting flooding nd widespread winnddamage. damage.this morning megan chiering is live from pill devil hills, north caroliia... with the latest 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 ((break 3)) mayor: casino owners in west virginia are spending mill
right now from the beltway all the way into the city. 695 also going to be in great shape. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> a dinner and a movie or does dinner? because these days going don on a date have to do it at a budget. >> how you can cut down the cost of dating and still have a great time. >>> all right, being sick in e hospital can be scary especially for kin. >> what one hospital did to get the sickness off their minds. "good morning maryland" at 5:00 begins right now. >>> a pastor under the gun for comments made against homosexuality. he preaching the word or is this hate stream? >>> claims of sexual abuse, that's what one of the d.c. snipers is saying happened to him in the months leading up to the deadly attack. >>> and bearing down on the florida coast, sandy is now a category 2 hurricane tracking just south of the atlantic coastline. we're following that storm's path and how it could affect you in the days to come. on this thursday, october 25th. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle, thank you for joining us. that storm really
morning. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. let's get right to one of the big stories and it is the weather. strong winds blowing 80 miles an hour. torrential rains and massive waves meaning only one thing. hurricane sandy has made rapid fall. -- landfall. >> it is now pounding cuba. they are feeling the effects of the storm early tomorrow morning is what is expected. will hurricane sandy wreak halving on the area? >> earth cam this morning, a live look near the atlantic coastline and you can see the winds off the shadow of that pool. winds already picking up out there. could this affect us in the days to come and what's expected for florida? right to lynette charles. >> you asked the question can this affect us through time and that answer is yes. not quite sure where sandy is going to go but again we have a huge potential of getting sandy as we go through time here. what's going on with hurricane sandy as you said it is around cuba. you can see that eye well defined eye now. it will move over cuba and enter back into some warm waters and it will be
. i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. a lot to talk about this morning. we are following breaking news, a heart-breaking situation happening not far from thurgood marshall high school. >> very hard to hear will morning. five people including four children they have died in overnight house fire. crews have been on the scene all night and we have team coverage right now. we begin with sherrie johnson, she is on the scene and you've been gathering information for as long as you've been out there. what do you know? >> reporter: well, yes, we are here in northeast baltimore and yes, as you can see, crews are still on the scene at this hour. a few fire trucks have started to leave but we still have a few still looking into their investigation. but again, five people were killed in the early morning fire including a grandmother and four children. the fire started just around 2:00 this morning at 5601 denwood avenue in northeast baltimore. when crews arrived they found intense flames they say coming from the home. and people jumping out of the windo
there take you 11 minutes as ale. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> coming up on "good morning maryland" at 5:00, some terrifying moments for a family in new jersey. this, after a fire broke out in an apartment complex. >> kind of makes you wonder what you would do. what a camera caught and neighbors and -- the neighbors and friends doing as they rushed in to get the family out of the burning building. >> plus, rush hour got crazy for some drivers on a florida highway. where the giant bird came from and how officers were able to capture it. >>> all right, facebook users, listen up. the company is testing a new feature to guarantee your latest status is seen by friends. but it's going to cost you. facebook will charge around $7 for the new can't miss update. >> if you pay the fee your status will be bumped up to the top of your friends' news feeds. right now only a handful of facebook users take part in the trial run it's still unclear as to whether this will actually become a permanent feature of the social media site. >>> breaking news ou
will remain nice and clear, 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. megan and charley, over to y. >>> coming up on "good morning maryland" at 5:00, a man sits behind bars this morning after police say. >> coming up how police say his wife's late night snack became a weapon against her. also a television anchor fighting back. the e-mail she got addressed to her from one viewer on the air and her response. >>> new this morning, the state board of public works could hand over operation of two more train lines. this is happening with a canada- based company. the $205 million contract will last six years. a french-run company also bid on that contract and has been criticized by holocaust survivors for failing to fully disclose its role in transporting victims during world war ii. >>> treatment of teens in maryland's criminal justice system will be the topic of a conference at morgan state university today. about 350 people are expected with backgrounds ranging from law enforcement to education and child welfare. we'll have more for you here at >>
for a young girl and charlie has the overfight developments out of colorado. what can you tell us? >> megan, 10-year-old jessica ridgeway disappeared last friday doing something thousands of kids do every morning. she was walking to school. since then the search has turned up nothing until late last night where police found a body near the town of afterhave da just a few miles from where the girl went missing. this morning investigators have yet to identify the body. but three sources have told abc2 news the investigators have reason to believe this is the body of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. it's going to take more time to make the positive identification. crime scene technicians have been there all night long working the scene and we're going to bring you updates an the case as it becomes available. for now back to the studio with megan. >>> tile now for a check of the weather. lynette charles is here. >> it is chilly outside this morning. so as the kids go to the bus stop make sure you have the coat. you will need it. temperature coming in at 46 degrees. we will have lots of sunshine in
that we are finally out of the woods. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. during the past two days you heard about sandy's winds, you heard the winds howling outside. the storm was strong. but now we can show you just how strong things really were. check out this new video. you usually don't see those trees on top of homes and cars, but rarely do you see an uprooted tree in action. >> this is on the north shore of long island, an area that was hit so hard. luckily no injuries were reported from this incident. this video, though, so stunning. i actually looked over at lynette while i was reading it. she had her hand over her mouth and that's pretty hard to get you to be surprised by something, especially when a storm comes along. >> i know, wow, but just to see that in action. you know it can happen, but when you see it, it just makes you drop open your mouth, exactly like i did. as you said, megan, we are out of the woods, we are seeing the recommend napts of sandy moving -- remnants of sandy moving towards western new york. that's where she is right now. we are dealing with drying
october 15th, good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend and got outside yesterday and enjoyed the weather. >> the weather was perfect. how long will this hang around lynette. >> it's over today. >> oh, well. >> we have the break today. we are dealing with mild warmer temperatures this morning and afternoon. but the clouds will be out there this morning and the possibility of showers and thunderstorms some of those could be on the frisky side going into the afternoon as well. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, seeing a few rain drops across the area dealing with drizzle around baltimore. also around bel air this morning but we are dry mainly. going into the afternoon we will see changes in the forecast mainly around lunchtime and after that. now, as we look at temperatures this morning, because of the cloud cover look how mild we are. yes, 66 in bowie. 65 davidsonville. the high temperatures for this time of the year should be around 67 degrees. so we are starting out on that note. perry hall at 61. and as you step out the d
traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hey megan, you are up to 17 now. >> oh, my goodness. look at this. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: 17 twitter followers. wow. you will get more. don't worry. if you are traveling in east baltimore we have big problems a third sink hole opened up on east monument street. it remains shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. here's a look at the scene yesterday. this caused a total wreck on the roads. so, this area will be shut down for quite sometime and if you are traveling on east monument street instead of east monument you will want to stick with or liens street to get around all of this mess. and if you are heading out to 95, here's a live look at the fort mchenry tunnel everything moving along harbor tunnel will be nice and clear. and as we pull up other drive times the beltway in great shape from parkville all the way up to towson. there are no delays on the west side either. you are looking at that typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver tra
try. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. an overdue book. >> don't mess with thelibrarians. >> lynette, is it going to stop you from going out this weekend? >> no they won't stop me. nothing is stopping me from going out this weekend. nothing should stop you either as we head on through today. we are looking at the radar and we do have showers and storms lingering up towards the north showers around harford county and cecil county but look what we have down in virginia. this is making its way off towards the north and east once again. so we have a big batch of more rain moving in here we can see this big swirl in the atmosphere moving off towards the north. we don't have to quarey about that. -- worry about that. we are coming in at 64 in baltimore. 66 along the eastern shore. and 64 in dc if your travels are take you -- taking you that way. laurel coming in at 62 degrees. this means you don't need the heavy coat. 57 ijamsville, these purse are well above. and as we go through the rest of today this is what you can expect as you plan that day. showers this morning we will h
. >> charley will fill us in. good morning and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle alongside meteorologist lynette charles and lauren cook keeping ion on the road. that parade and the baltimore run -- an eye on the road and the parade and the baltimore run. >> reporter: we are dealing with several accidents not to mention a lot of fog across the region. i will have more on the delays coming up in few. >> all right. >> it feels like a fall day. >> very muggy start. >> yeah. we are. there's a lot of moisture out there. that's where the fog is coming from. going into the later morning hours and the afternoon we could see sunshine and also we will have a front to work with as well. so that could be pulling in few more clouds. so we will have a sun cloud mix going into the afternoon. but, this morning, not as chilly. not as cold as it has been. and that's because of the cloud surfacing across the area this morning. we are at 56 in edgemere as well as chestertown. good morning columbia. you are at 53 right now and maryland's most powerful radar was active overnight but now we are n
. >> i am megan pringle. on friday you want to know what the weather is light and hopefully right now is not an indication of the rest of the weekend. >> let's stand by with a check of the forecast. getting people out the door and looking ahead to the weekend. >> we have wet weather and lightning and thunderstorms and right now some showers just moving in across the area. things beginning to taper off from the south to the north this morning. and all this is pushing off towards the northeast. we have one lone shower around reisterstown and owings mills and randalltown and woodlawn. lawn. and we slide over further to theeast and havre de grace and port deposit and along i-95 getting in on wet weather and wet roads. you will want to take it easy on the roadways this morning. right now, temperatures are coming in on the mild side. 57 degrees in middle town westminster at 57 and 64 in stephenville so you don't need the heaviest coat but you need the rain gear. we will dry out going throughout the day and get a little sunshine as well. this is your planner as we work our way through the mo
&for the firss time in 15 yyaas... the orioleesare on the path to the playoffs.theyy yesterday.megan gilliland is good mmrninggguys,41-thousand yesterday... and after the the - game they didnnttleave... many of the fans stayed... to watch the rangers... angels games on the big screen at camden yyads... knowing a playoff spot was bewing... brewing...after 14 depressing ssasoos... what's annther hour &por so.and it was worth the waii.the texas rangers beat the los angeles angels in the second game of a double header yesterdayythat meanss.. the p'sshave clinched one of the american league wild carr spots.something some generationssof o's fans... have never even experienced. duutin & dave widener, 17: lives for this. yep. all our e lives."faaher: "she's gonna see the first time the orioles lot's happened since then. i pas here for the laat one. i'm gonna be here now. &pthe wild card game is this priday....where is when is still uppin the aii.the too wild card team wiil host the second foo ticcets... the wild caad and the divisionaa games are already sold out! therees no doubt o'
a recall... but the putbreak is still exppcted to grow. megan gilliland is live from a baltimore county urgery center with more on why. good mornnng guys,we're live from greenspring surgery center... this is one of seven facilities in maryland that reeeived the sterioid linked to this mmningitii outbreak. this facilityyhas now pulled the product. &pproduct.the steriod was produced by a specialty pharracy in massachusetts.they sent out more than 17-thousand steeoid to nearly ooe hundred facilities in 23 statessas of confirmed cases... and at leastt7 deaths of he lives claimed as a maryland resident.sympttms can be as severe as strooes... and show. ays if not weeks to "some of the symptoms we sse ,like a headache, nausea, high the flu that we are ilarrto experiencing curreetly, but if you have had the particular steroid injection, it does nnt matter if you are experiencing even oneeor tto of the symppoms - go get checkedd" trrattent of meningitis can take a few eeks to several indivvdual. a note to loved onns affected... this virus is not contaggous. to find a comple
. tuusday.police say a-17 yyar old stuuent broughttaab-b gun to sccool.megan gilliland is live from owings mills high school with more on how the gun was confiscated ann how students are feeling ttday. good morning guys,the 177year old ssudent who brought the gun into school... has been arrested.this morning... normma....ut yesterday was a pay... that many students here won't forgee any time one point... all they kkew... footage... police say they .-&a- pere able to identifyythe suspect.fortunately officers were able tooconfiscate the b-b gun and no one was hurt. while school resumed by lunch to concentrate and went hhmee we alkkd to someestudenns... who have a uestion foo their ""ikeewhy??? we come here to learn not to harm anybody.." "it was very scary liie the keep thinking about that in head."this is the third third this is theethird un at a paltimore county ccool since the ssart of this school yeaa. the shooting at perry hall high sccool in august... is the only one where someone wws in baltimore countyy i'm megan gilliland, fox45 porning news. criminal investigat
, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. we'll start with weather and traffic in just a moment. first we've got some school closures and delays to tell you about. >> yeah. we do want to let he know kent county, queen anne county are on a 90-minute delay this morning, that is because of the fog, which is clearly the big story right now. and in queen anne county, there's no morning pre-k. >> you've been watching us throughout the morning. it's bad out there. >>reporter: it's awful out there. i had trouble coming in from bel aire this morning. there's reduced visibility across the region and we do have some problems in hartford county. there's a fallen tree that has actually shut down a portion of hartford road. i'll have more on that coming up in just a bit. lynette, i hope this ends soon. >> it's not going to be soon. we have a dense fog advisory until 8:00 and until then we have fog across the area. let's continue to tawblg about this fog because we do have less than, in a lot of spots, visibility quarter mile, so it's bad out there this morning. you can see these numbers righ
and the west side going to be clear just 11 minutes on outer loop from 795 down towards 95. megan over to you. >>> coming up on good morning maryland at 5, they almost got away with it. without a -- about a thousand dollars worth of groceries but we will show you video you have to see and why police believe that would be crook ran off leaving three cart load of groceries behind. >>> thanks for joining us this morning. big board doesn't want to get involved in politics. that's why the makers of sesame street want the obama campaign to pull an ad that features the loveable character. good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> a young boys accused of planting bombs at churches. details of what they learned and how they learned to make them and what we know about it. we have the latest on the investigation ahead. plus dozens of grave sites vandalized. a brooklyn park cemetery trying to help families with loved ones buried there. >> reporter: outside city hall how to show off your orioles pride. >> charley live out
the damagg left from sandy.her region.megan gilliland is ion..- streaaing now in glen aamm where an elderly man says e's just lucky to be alive. good morning guys,take a ook at , what's left of this home...the trees... ammziigly the y llerlyy an who lives heee... just happened to be on the right ssdd of the house. mcclaay says he's seen a lot of storrs in the roughly 50 years he's lived here... ut he says nothiiggcould prepare him for you takk a closer look hhre... you can see his roof was crussed by damage is sooextensive... thee mcclarr's will need a craneeto remove all thh this ppinnt...they'reenot ssrr if they will re-build... the only thing robert knows for sure... is that he's uuky to be alivee "i feel made a hell of a noise, it was exciting" "this amounn of amage is the worst i've ever lived through" through"as powerful as the wwnds were n glen arm... the bridge road was flooded.mwell - this morning... those waaers have subsided.and all that's left to do now... is clean up and be a little thankful hat it wass't worre.livv in glee aam, iim megan i
the one-year anniversary of that movement here. news 4's megan mcgrath live at farragut square now with more on what we can expect today. megan? >> reporter: good morning. we could see a pretty dicey rush hour this morning as well as some traffic tie-ups later on in the afternoon because of the demonstrations that are scheduled. in fact, one is about to get under way about an hour from now. we are expecting possible road closures associated with this. this is the one-year anniversary of the occupy d.c. movement. you may remember when the protesters camped out in mcpherson square in freedom plaza. they were there for months protesting corporate greed, among other things. they were ultimately moved on by u.s. park police who began to enforce no camping rules. on this anniversary, occupy d.c. is coming back. they have a number of protests and demonstrations scheduled for today. at 7:00 this morning, they're going to be gathered here at farragut square. they're going to then walk from the square out into the streets. again, protesting this morning after 7:00 a.m. they will then meet up
neighhorhoods.all of it... over paperwork. paperwork.megan illiland is liveefrom city police headquarters with more on the controversial change in policy. good mornnng uys,many officers don't want to talk possible retribbtion by some ju.'s aal over the use of electronic signaturesson charging 45's investigative team obtained this letter that bans the practice. it was written by distrrct court chief judge ben clyburn last month... stating that an ink-on-paper signature is requiied.but ssme officers pn the city say a written signature amounts to more time police officers have time to their own reports of prroable cause and the answer i would say is yes in the past... charging documents would be written and approachhstrongly supportee by phe baltimore city state's attorrey's office. no word on what prompted this change.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a beltsville man experiences car trouble... bbt it has ánoth! car!nats of cat meowing! meowing!it was a thrreeweek peard... chirping sounds comiig from under the hood... and oticed something waan't opened the
of that coming up on this wednesday, october 3rd. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. we want to let you know in kent and queen anne's county there's a 90-minute delay for school, and in queen anne no morning pre-k. >> the storms were bad out there. lynette, you've been watching this. >> coming in it was very bad outside, very hectic. we do have a dense fog advisory for 8:00 this morning for this area shade inside the gray color. we're looking at cecil county and hartford county, northern baltimore county, the city and also as we head south in anne arundel county. so this is what we can expect through 8:00 and even once 8:00 passes we'll still have that fog out there, it just won't be dense in nature. since we do have that dense fog advisory, we see reduced visibility about quarter mile or less in a lot of spots this morning, so you really need to take it easy. across the eastern shore we have about seven miles of reduced visibility there and this will continue until that sun rises for today and we'll still have some areas of patchy fog across the area. this is what we're
goes. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. weather and traffic in just a minute but first one of the big stories last night's debate. >> it went late i'm not sure if you saw it but if not we're going to get you all caught up. today republican mitt romney and president barack obama they go their separate ways. this after meeting for the first time their first debate in colorado. texass, health care, jobs, the taxes, health care, jobs, those were the big subjects. >> reporter: charger mitt romney came out strong in yesterday's first showdown between the candidates and a cnn snap poll shows out of a sampling of voters who watched the debate, 67% say romney won. versus obama's 25%. the first presidential debate focused on domestic issues and the candidates found plenty to spar over. >> i like the fact that if my state we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a zippable republican vote. >> over the that's two years health care premiums have gone up. it's true and they've
, october 4th, "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle, thank you so much for joining us, you look at the video and kind of excited for winter. >> not me. >> bring back summer please. i'm not ready for fall or winter or anything. >> we have a day of it though. >> tall order here you have a lot of people you need to make happy. >> i can't. for people that i really want to make happen pi this year we didn't have winter last year. >> thanks a lot lynette. >> all right, let's talk about what's going on right now because we have some patchy fog. not as bad as by any means of what we saw yesterday. yesterday widespread dense fog. today just patchy fog in some areas. maryland's most powerful radar is picking up son only wet weather this morning. scattered in nature and you can see that not everybody is getting in on the wet weather. but we can see it around harper county, bel air that's where you're starting to see the heavier rain. not rat pockets here. -- moderate pockets here. jarrettsville between and delta. crossing over the maryland and pennsylvania border,
'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. the storm knocked out power lines for 8 million people across 17 states, as far west as michigan. and today president barack obama will head to new jersey to take a look at the damage caused by sandy. >> yeah, it's bad up there. and abc 2 news' renee marsh is live this morning in hoboken, new jersey, an area that was hit very hard. she's going to show us some of the damage and tell us how the national guard was called in. >>reporter: well, president obama will visit hard-hit new jersey today, and in this hoboken area, the mayor says that some 15,000 to 20,000 people remain trapped inside of their homes because of flood waters. now the national guard is here to help rescue some of those people, but this is just one of many neighborhoods still suffering from sandy's wrath. residents across the eastern seaboard are beginning to pick up the pieces in the wake of superstorm sandy. >> i lived here for 39 years, i've been through several hurricanes going back to gloria, and i've never seen anything like this at all. >>reporter: sandy made landfall near
road. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on the scene with the latest. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we have good news to report to commuters. sudley road in the northbound direction had been taken down to just one lane. just within the last two minutes or so, they actually opened everything back up here. they are still trying to figure out exactly what caused this blaze at the store-all storage facility just off of sudley road. fire broke out late last night. there were a number of storage units that were impacted by this blaze. firefighters still here on the scene. they are starting to wrap up the hoses a little bit, but a number of fire trucks were expecting to remain here on the scene to kind of watch over things and make sure that no hot spots crop up. again, no impact any longer to the traffic in terms of what caused this blaze. all of that still under investigation. also, no word on the actual damage estimate. i can tell you that there were a number of storage units here at this facility that were impacted, and we're hoping to get a little information later
'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle, thanks for joining us. we have a lot to talk about before we get to those stories, in particular weather and traffic. lynette is going to let you know how to dress those kids and lauren is going to tell you how to get on the roads because the big story this morning is the fog. before we talk about everybody, we -- everything, we do want to tell you about some school delays, cecil county on a two- hour delay. >> also queen anne's county and kent county on 90-minute delays and in queen anne county no pre- k today, this all as a result of fog. >> how are the roads looking? >>reporter: we are dealing with accidents everywhere. i'll have more coming up. but that reduced visibility is the main concern right now. >> exactly. we knew today coming in that it was going to be a busy bad day for us up here and that's exactly what we're getting. dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 for a lot of areas right now. the areas there are shaded in the gray. you can stay home, close to home and have some dense fog advisories and also you can head toward the north a
morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. you wear purple or orange. >> mix it up for you. megan is going with the purple as it's purple friday and i am going for the orange with the o's. lynette. >> i went purposeen. can -- purple i got purple on. we are chilly this morning. we are dealing with temperatures coming in i am going to say cool this morning because the temperatures still above average. we should be at 50 for this time of the year. actually it feels pretty good. especially from all that stickiness we were dealing with yesterday and the day before that. we are at 53 now in myersville and west friendship at 54. 63 in teachesville right now and -- stevensville right now and the -- stephensville right now. and look at maryland's most powerful radar. it's all dry. we will not see any rain whatsoever so you don't need the rain gear as you step out the door this morning. you won't need it going into afternoon. this is the hour by hour forecast. when you wake up, it's mostly clear. by around 10, still mostly clear and plenty of sunshine in the forecast and we will be s
for everybody. those stories straight ahead on this friday. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. it's purple friday and orange friday. o's play tonight and o's -- ravens on sunday. a lot going on this weekend locally in the community. give me good weekend weather wise. >> they are rolling the dice. it's going to be pretty good especially today. it's going to be beautiful. by saturday, still some sunshine but the wet weather will begin to move in. and we go into saturday evening and into sunday. and those temperatures are going to drop off on sunday. but let's talk about what we have right here in front of us. because maryland's most powerful radar is nice and dry. and that's going to be the scenario as we head to the rest of today. it's going to be awesome. jessup's temperature 59 degrees and we do have dry air to talk about this morning. and even in reisterstown 58 dew point coming in at 53. and right now, look at the temperatures in annapolis. 63 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this
. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now megan and charley over to you. >>> you think the kids are not listening to the lessons you teach? a young girl who escaped being kidnapped will think twice. >> how she used a lesson taught at a young age about stranger danger. how that may have changed her life. >> a senatorial debate gets heated when a candidate offers his position on the creation of life and what he calls god's will. his oon the's reaction and explanation for his remarks. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks. yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. >>> thanks for joining thus morning. a u.s. senate candidate depens on his pro life position has -- defense on his prolife position has sparked a fire storm. charley is at the live desk to explain what happen
. we are out along the virginia, d.c. area assessing the damage. >> megan mcgrath is live where a massive tree fell onto a house. megan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eun. it actually didn't fall on the house. it fell in between two houses. a close call here. take a look at the size of this root fall, the size of this tree here. absolutely enormous. not too hard to figure out exactly why it fell. the ground that i'm standing on is absolutely saturated. it is soggy. it is spongy. in the height of the storm when these winds came blowing through, it just pulled this tree right up out of the ground. an incredible two-story root ball we've got here came crashing down in between two houses. it took out the power. the houses are still standing. those homeowners have to be very, very happy this morning. what we're seeing is sort of hit and miss kind of damage. let's take a look at video we shot earlier this morning on 16th street. there were some trees that fell in that area. they actually crossed over the street. public works crews were on the scene early this morning
tunnel nice and clear. ha is a look at your abc 2 time saver track. megan and charley over to you. >> when you go to the polls in less than three weeks you will see mitt romney, president obama both on the ballot but you will also see other things such as question four. that's the dream act. >> it would allow children of undocumented immigrants to pay instate tuition at public colleges and universities in maryland if those parents pay taxes. and if the child graduates from a maryland high school. owe moments gathered enough signatures to put the issue on a statewide rench dumb. they say the -- referendum. they say the dream act promotes illegal activity and uses taxpayer money to boot. >> people understand the issue. everybody i talked to they say we don't feel like taxpayers money should be used for illegal immigrants and very simple as far as they're concerned. >> for many families in maryland, paying out of state tuition is not doable. that would mean the difference between them being able to go to college or not being able to go to college. >> a recent poll by gonzalez researc
's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. >>> news time 5:31. they are watching and listening to you on your ride to and from woman. the mta says it's for your safety but some say it goes too far. sherrie johnson is here and we have covered crimes on buses before. i suppose this is in response to that. >> reporter: yes, it is. mta wants to use cameras to beef up security and keep passengers safe. there's 10 cameras on every bus. four outside and 6 inside recording your every move and word. the mta has had surveillance video but -- but audio was off limits until now. acting on a ruling from the attorney general office that it's lawful, training is underway for drivers and the first 10 buses equipped with the cameras hit the road with more than 300 others to follow in the next few months. the american civil liberties union says the mta has gone -- mta has gone too far. last month's assault on a woman by two people on a north avenue line shows the need for sound to go with surveillance pictures. >> she is alleging the case may have been a hate
and thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley crowson live at camden yards war few hours ago the orioles won game 2 of the american league division. we will have more on that in a minute. good morning but you see right there, meteorologist lynette charles let yowing know how the week is -- letting you know how the week is shaping up. >> we can see on marled's most powerful radar as of now, rain out there this morning. take the jacket with you as well as the umbrella. we will get to temperatures in a second. looking at what's going on the radar tour in cecil county where we are looking at rain showers across the area, so around elkton and i-95, port deposit havre de grace and harford county getting in on wet weather. chesapeake city going in-- getting in on light showers. and essex and points further to the south in dc if you are traveling that way this morning -- traveling that way this morning wet weather. montgomery county around silver spring getting wet weather. this is the trend through the morning. but also we are dealing with some chilly temperatures again just like ye
us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. things could be changing let's go over to lynette. >> yes, things will change as we go into the afternoon. so, as we look at this morning, we are dealing with mild conditions and clouds covering the area. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on any rain as of yet. but that will soon change. emmettsburg at 61 right now. the winds are picking up and you can see them out of the southwest at 14 miles an hour. it's a breezy morning. 64 right now in reisterstown and as we look at annapolis that, temperature coming in right around 66 degrees. the temperatures will warm up to the 70s like yesterday. and here's the planner for you as we go throughout the day. showers will become possible going into lunchtime. and lingering to around 3:00, 4 and we will start to see gradual clearing through the evening. setting us up for a nice day as we go into tomorrow. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. lots of accidents you talkedabout. >> reporter: yes. a pretty hectic commute travel on route 295 where there's
morning, the middle of the week, thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley is out live again at the yard and might be living down there. if he is, it's chilly and i hope he has a heated tent. let's see if we are in for a warmup here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> we are in for a warmup. more seasonable for today a goodday on top. this morning not so great. looking at maryland's motherpowerful radar you think it's dry but you could be dealing with misting and drizzle and the reason why it's not showing up on the radar is because those droplets are too small to detect. as you step out, be prepared for that. things will improve throughout the day. temperatures actually coming in above average annapolis 56 degrees. perry hall at 54 and emmetts burg at -- emmettburg at 51. 6 this morning temperatures around 56 not budging too much and around 9 mostly cloudy skies. lunchtime warming up, 67 so the trend will be for decreasing clouds throughout the day and here's reduced individualibility this morning. we have about 1 mile of reduced visibility now in baltimore. let's check the
weiner, of course. >>> news 4's megan mcgrath is live at regular an national airport. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. we're seeing delays and cancellations in both the arrivals and departures at reagan national airport. take a look at the board. cancelled, cancelled. those are flights coming from laguardia this morning. laguardia in new york, still closed because of all the damage anded flooi eflooding they expe. we're seeing 40 cancellations. we've got a lot of passengers who are stranded. they're scrambling to get seats. you can see many of them here, going to the ticket counters, and trying to get seats on the flights who are leaving this morning. some of the flights on the board, they're listed as being on time. when you have this number of cancellations, like what we've seen here over the last couple of days, it takes a while to recover from that. you have a snowball effect. there are a limited number of seats, a lot of competition for those seats. it is still very difficult to book those flights out of here. we talked to folks who have been here for a couple o
. >>> breaking news in silver spring. a man rushed to the hospital after a cop shot him. news 4's megan mcgrath live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. you can see we still have an active scene here. officers down the road a little bit focusing their efforts, their investigation on a home just a little bit down the street here. we're on flora lane. this began to unfold early this morning. police received information that a man was distressed, that he was threatening to harm himself and possibly others. he ended up at the home of his girlfriend in silver spripng. police arrived on the scene and told the girlfriend and her family to stay in the home. the man was down around the back of the home in the area of the basement stairwell when police arrived on the scene. we're told there was some kind of confrontation, some altercation between this man and police that arrived. police believed him to be armed, possibly with a gun, and dangerous. again, there was some sort of altercation, and police opened fire, striking the man multiple times. he was transported to an a
was usttreleased. released.megan illiland is report that adds controversy - to what police say happened and what wiinesses say they good morning guys, family and their atttrnny... say tte autopsy report simply confirms what they say... theyyalready k. knew.(áááánats up full: that means that mr. anderson was murdered by these officers...."ááá) according to the auuopsy report... anthhny anderson pied from blunt-force injury baltimore city police on september 21.the medical examiner ays he suffered bboken ribs... a ruptured spleenn.. and a head injury. caught anderson in a drug deal &pand thatthe choked on drugs.. &pbbt the autopsy report ruled thattout.witnesses... including ndeeson's mother... say officers beet the 46-yearrold man to ddath ong east biidle street and montford avenue. (mr. gordon/atty) ""and thhre was o ouuce of shamm or contrition in the eyes, thoughts, minds or hearts of these officers who engaged in ttis savage attack."(ms. harvey) "we don't have a problem with the baltimore city police deparrment. we have aaproblem with officers thht thake their job.. think they abo
is speaking ouu.megan - gilliland is here with more on what he s aamitting. admitting.good mooning guys,in a rare and chilling rison interview....conniited d-c sniper... lee boyd malvo is nnw cclling himself a monster... and apologizes for the lives he took. malvo audio: i'm sorry (0:399: i am sorry. ii am sorry. and it soondsa thhre is now way to expreess there is no way tooexpress that. that. malvo and mmhammad ambused 13 uususpecting strangers... killing ten of them. ten years later... malvo spoke to the waahington post... descrrbing ow the two choose their targets. 3malvo auddo: the prrcess (0:29): we'd drive up. i'd park. he'd park. he'd go in the trunk. i'd put my window down halfway and i could see whatever's in front oo me, to my left and to my ffcus is on witnesses, passenggrs and you know. and i told himmto shoot. and it was just one, rapid, after another after another after aaother. if there wasn't an opening within ten minutes, ww . spend the ress of his life in 3 prrson. muhammad was executed at a virginii prisoo three years ago. coming up next half hour... wh
a homicide. the medical examinee just released anthony anderson's autopsy repo. reporr.megan gilliland is here with more on why anderson's pamily says it's proof of police brutality. good mooning guys,,ccording o anderson died from blunt-force &pinjury aater a confrontation week ago. 21... just over a in the five page report... the medical xaminer says he suffered broken ribs... a ruptured spleen... and a head say they caught anderson in a drug deal and that he chhked on drugs... but the autopsy pitnesses... includingg anderson's mother....ssy man to eath on east biddle street and montford aaenue. (ms..harvey/sisterr "tony puffered on thaa lot. he was handduffed and suffering and &phe died. we waat the officer fired. we want them arrested and ww want them conviited." convicted." thh family says plaiiclothes ... grabbed anderson from r... watching.d... with his family - the offiiers involved have continues.iim megan gilliland, fox45 morning ews. police arrested two men n connection ithhthree kidnappings...all since september 25th. officers said wo women wwre abduct
offs... in the wild card round.megan gilliland is here with more on who we play first. good morning guys,it wasn't a good night for the orioles... they needed to beat the rays in the hopes oo tying the yankees for the american one game playoff.... against the rays... losing 4-1 in the last game of the regular seeson.a disppiiting loss... but it's not ver yet... the orioles will play ii texas tomorrow night... &pfacing the rangers for the wild card round. buck: "we're continuing our ssason... we'll let it rip on friday anddsee where it takes us."jooes: "we're fortunate to be moving on thatts where our eyes are set." see." phe first pitch is set for 8:37 pm tomorrow nighh.if they win... they'll head right home for two games here in baltimore gainst the yynkees. and monday.if they lose... it's overr the orioles are 2 and 5 aginst the rangers.we've been outsccred thii season 56 to 24. but... the angers are on a bit f loosing streak... they've lost the lastt3 games... ann haae only won 3 of heir last 10.i'm megan giililand, fox45 morning news. police identify the officers custodyyan
in 15-years. years.megan gilliland is here with more the ssot they've clinched and how fans are reacting. good morninn guys,it's been 15 years... teenagers here in baltimore don't evenn offs in baseeall.but after all this time... saying to yourself....maybe this wiil be the's finally heree 5.10 "man, after aal this, thhs is pprfect." clinched oon of the american league wild card &wasn until the texas rangers beat the loo angeles angels in the second ggme of a double header was oors after thh o's swept tte boston rrd croww of 1-thousand.still... watch it all unfold on the big the players. johnson: we were going to be doing this anyway we might a well wwtch with them and celebrate with themweiters: the fans have doneea great job supporting us this year it's a special moment to be out there thereyesterday was theehighest attendance since 2007. something buck showalterrhopes wiil continue. the wild card game is this friday... where is when is still up in the air.the top wild carr team will host the half hour... we''l talk ticket sales for the post s
in the the playoffs for the first time since 1997. 1997.megan gilliland is here with more on who the o's face first in the post season. good morning guys,we were hopinggto figgt for that divisional title with the yankees tonight at home... but we'll have to settle for the tomorrow.that game could have been at camden ards if we won last night.instead the o's were defeated 4-1 by the tampa bay rays... in the final game of the regular season.a disapointing loss... but for it's not over yet.the orioles now play in texxs tomorrow facing the rangers for the wiid card round.and fan's cooldnt' be more proud. "i follow them more than any other team, i live and breath with them die ith them every night""i was 11 years old the last time we made the playoffs so his is the best thinggin the world right now""there really is a magic, it's juut gr" great!"the fiist pptch s set remember, this is aawhole new roundd.. the first year it's been game win and you advance.lose and you go home.... if they win friday night... they'll head right home for two games here in baltimore games would be unday and mon
riders who use the dupont circle metro station. the south entrance is now open. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is open. a lot of people waiting a long time for this. >> reporter: this entrance was closed for months, which was really inconvenient for a lot of people. the good news here, it is open. this is the first rush hour with the brand new zlescalators. the sign says it all. welcome back to dupont circle south. just a few moments ago, they turned on the escalators. we have three brand spanking new escalators. they're transit grade. we are not going to see the problems we've seen in the past. the ribbon cutting ceremony, it happened yesterday. today is really the first test, the first taste that regular rush hour commuters will get with the entrance being open and with the brand new escalators in place. the old escalators were incredibly unreliable. in fact, they were among the least reliable in the entire system. the manufacturer had gone out of business. whenever something broke and they needed replacement parts, it was impossible or very difficult to get those parts. it was just an
seeson. &pseason.lardarius webb and raa lewis willlnot play another pear.megan gilliland is live from m & t bank stadium with reaction. baltimore has proven to be one of the most expensive of the year.the ravens lost two key players on their defense... one of them... really the face of the fraachise.lineeaccer ray lewis is out for the year. so is cornerback larddrius webb.webb tooe an acl... wwile 37-year old lewis suffered a muscle in hissright - weee hoping it was only aa partial tear... bbttan m-r-i revealee thh worst. 1127ray in the lockeroom pafter he was worried about it he goes baak to his faith, he paid things i'll nnverrforget, ttat's the way t's gone. gone. fans are reacting to this news on our facebook doug smith writes- you are the best ray.. all wwll miss you. we know your presence on the recovery.walt brownnsays- we every position, get well ray, see you in the superbowl ssperboolthere issquestions ass to wheeher sunday's gamm againss the cowboyy will be the ffnal game of rayylewis' liiely hall of fame ccreer.nn word from lewis on that... and harbaught
. season.lardarius webb and ray game thissyyar.megan gilliland is ivv from m & ttbank stadiim ith reaction. good morning guyy,sundaa's win ravensslost two key players on thhir defense... one of them... really the face of thh franchise.linebackkr ray lewis is out for the year. so is cornerracc lardarius webb.webb orr n acl... while 37-year old lewis suufered a comppete tear of is triceps muscle in his riggt were opinn it was only a partial tear... but an m---i reveeled the worst. 31:27ray in the lockeroom afterwards we dddnnt know, but he was worried about ii he ggessbacc to hissfaith, he gone. fans aae reacting to this news as on our acebook page... doug smith writess you are the we know our presence on the hope it is a complete recoveryy recovery.walt brown says- we every positn, get well ray, see you in the superbowl suuprbowlthere is questions as to whether suuday's ggme against the cowboyy will be likely haal of fame word from lewis on thht... and harbbught declined commenttit was his 17th eason with the n- f-l. with lewis out... dannell elle
. an accident causing major problems on the inner loop right now. megan mcgrath live on the scene with the latest. megan? >> reporter: aaron, an absolute mess out here on the inner loop of the beltway. take a look. up ahead there, you can see the flashing lights. that's where the accident involving this tractor-trailer is. it's just prior to old georgetown -- it's after old georgetown road, prior to 355. and as you can see, all of the traffic has been stopped. it's been that way for a while. all of these folks here, they are trapped. they're not going anywhere. in fact, we are seeing quite a backup. if we spin around here, you can see on the other side of this foot path we're on here, which crosses the beltway, you can see the traffic is backed up as far as the eye can see. no one is able to move forward because they've got some sort of a fuel spill associated with this accident. so everyone is just sitting here because they're trapped between the two exits. so if you normally go this way, inner loop of the beltway, we're talking about the area around old georgetown road, 355, it
. megan gilliland is live from a story you're seeinn first on fox. good morning guys,this is all over signatures. signatures.the use of electronic signatures on 45's investigative team obtained this letter that baas the practice. it was ritten by districc couut chief jjdge ben clyburr last month... stating that an ink-on-paper iinature is required.but sooe officers in the city say a written signature amounns to more time off the street doing paperwork... tiie they just don't have. if they're too busy to do that &pthey're too busyythen to ensure that ttere is going o be integrity in the process and be accounnable :40 :40in the past... charging documents would be written and transmitted electronically. an the baltimore city state's attorney's word on what ppompted a change. many officers didn't want to talk to us on camera about this.but... our invessigative case... where a city officer admitted o skirting the law... by having another officer siin his tatement of charges. i'm megan gilliland, fox45 orning news. more problems for thh newly release
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